Monday, July 7, 2008

Hopscotch anyone?

Not much to report from Campbell's second Fourth of July. No fireworks. No block parties. Not even a single festive cocktail at the Codinas. Campbell was under the weather battling high temperatures and a few nights of middle-of-the-night vomiting... Needless to say, we stayed at home this holiday.

She in on the mend today and almost back to her old self, all except for the sad, watery, droopy eyes. In spite of feeling bad, I caught her being silly this afternoon. Luckily the camera was sitting on the end table beside me. Funny girl.

Pink Cast Update: Clearly the cast is far more upsetting to me than it is to her. Not only is she speed-crawling and walking on it (with assistance for balance)- today, I caught her balancing herself on the casted leg! She is a nut! One week from today and we are free at last! Good thing because the graffiti is piling up and so is the grunge!


Grita said...

Who doesnt like to hopscotch?? What a cutie. I will teach her to pogo whilest she is here.

M & J Good said...

i was going to draw on her cast today, but didn't have my black sharpie on me...


M & J Good said...

is it gone? is the little leg a shriveled shadow of its former self? does it smell funky?

i don't care... i just want her up and walking- that'll be 5 for 5 turtles walking! whoo-hoo!