Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Biggie Toe in the His'ouse!

How is this for cute?

So, after we drug Campbell to an outdoor swimming birthday party that she could not participate in, we noticed her biggie toe seemed to be sticking out a little farther than before. Not sure how much farther and not sure how long before but we were convinced the toe had either grown considerably or wiggled its way to freedom.

Parents-of-the-Year that we are, we only noticed it after she refused to wear the tiny walking boot. (Perhaps she felt that it was interfering with her image... and I have to admit, it was a little too silly for our taste- what with bears and red balloons on a hideous shade of khaki fabric. Not to mention the Velcro...) Walking boot refused equals some serious wear and tear on the precious and newly autographed cast. Add in a xero-scaped backyard with stoned covered playground and you get a tiny stubbed big toe. Just a minor set-back. A couple tears, a kiss, and a cupcake later she was ready to tackle the playscape again.

Later that evening, her dad and I pondered over the toe:
Does it just look longer?
Maybe it grew?
Is the pink polish just drawing extra attention to it?
Should we take her to the doctor?
Should we let her walk on it?
What if she breaks her toe?
Did she get too sweaty at the party and practically wiggle her entire foot out?
How much did YOU drink?
How much did YOU drink?
How did she stub her toe?
Weren't you watching her?
Weren't you?
Weren't the margaritas good?

Anyway, Campbell missed a day of school. I missed a day of work. And the doctor sent us home- same cast, same amount of toe sticking out.

Biggie toe strikes again- she must get that from her dad!

Campbell's Mom


Colette said...

As I am reading this I am thinking "oh my GOD...please don't let anything be wrong...us Coxes would feel horrible knowing something happened at one of our kids party!" Not to mention there was another child who chipped a tooth, in the xeroscaped backyard of course :)
As for the big toe...doesn't that mean something, super intelligence or something!!

Grita said...

That is the cutest video I have seen in awhile. I will make sure everyone I know sees it. Give her and her biggie toe a kiss from me since I did not get to do it myself today.