Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I've been slacking

There is really no good reason for it. However, I do have lots of excuses...

1. For those of you who are not connected to the Pleasanton, Texas based grapevine, Campbell is going to be a big sister! Woo hoo! We are totally excited! (I am scared to death at the mere thought of it possibly being a boy.... think pink!) The new addition is set to arrive in October.
2. We finally sold our house. And I am in the pre-packing mode.
3. We spent every weekend in April in Pleasanton.
4. Did I mention I am pregnant, already?

Anyway, lots has been going on.

We had a lovely Easter picnic at the ranch. Complete with an Easter egg hunt, cascarones, and lots of yummy food. I do have to say that the annual picnic is much more fun with a cocktail mixed it. Or, maybe it is just me that is more fun with a cocktail mixed in...

Campbell grew up. That is she had a birthday and has started talking non-stop! I wonder where she gets that? We celebrated at the San Antonio Zoo. It was perfect weather and the animals were very cooperative- some a little too cooperative. The monkeys did their best to give the children a sex education lesson. Gross monkeys!I hope you've all been well. And I promise to do better!
I am sure you're all dying to get a look at the ever growing bump. This is a picture of me eating lunch at the zoo.

Peace Out from Campbell's House!


Milo and Joey Good said...

wow- congrats! :)

Grita said...

That cant be you...your teeth are much straighter than that. hahah As for Campbell........well she is one of a kind and I like it that way.

Peggy Rice said...

Jaylee says, "where is she pregnant?" She's not buying your picture:)

Colette said...

Was starting to worry about your blogging life...started to think you were following in Heather's footsteps! (Sorry Heather but I need more frequent Opal pics :)Also, I am secretly praying for blue, just so you can experience the life of ever growing testosterone, some things you just don't need to see & most things you don't want to know :)