Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yin and Yang



I LU-HUV watermelon! And it looks like I've found a buddy to eat it with. Alan will have an occasional slice of la sandia- but he tends to furrow his brow at the way I try to power through an entire melon in a single sitting... ok sometimes two sittings. I would like to blame this obsession with watermelons on "the bean" but alas I am watermelon-greedy from way back.

It took great restraint for me not to show my precious baby girl how to spit the seeds like only a true country girl can. We're saving that for next summer!

And, yes, we are sitting on an outdoor bench cushion inside the kitchen. I figured if eating inside food outdoors is white trash enough for France, then eating watermelon inside on outdoor furniture is white trash enough for Texas! It is too stinking hot outside... I will blame my temperature intoleance on "the bean." And since we're blaming "the bean" I thought it was appropriate to include "the bean" in the YANG shot. (That one is for you, Miss Jaylee!)

Peace out (and about to pop) from Cedar Park,
Campbell's Mom


Peggy Rice said...

That's why I love you!!!! As, for Miss Jaylee, she says, "it's not so big". So there, get to eating so Jaylee can see a BIG belly.

Colette said...

I'm pretty sure I could push out my belly and create a similar "bean" shot...I agree w/ Jaylee, get to working on a BIG belly. Chocolate always works well, boy babies prefer it :)