Monday, May 18, 2009


First a couple of cuties from a GREAT Mother's Day weekend!

Now onto the matter at hand:
My house is a complete shambles!

There are boxes everywhere. We have small boxes; medium boxes; large boxes; packed, labeled, and taped boxes; partially packed boxes; broken down boxes; waiting to be packed, labeled and taped boxes; boxes in the hallway; boxes in the kitchen; boxes in the bathroom; boxes, Boxes, BOXES!


In addition to all the boxes, there is stuff everywhere. How did we accumulate all these things? And how did I have it all so neatly organized (and more importantly OUT OF MY SIGHT)? It is truly baffling.
My little assistant, is quite confused by the whole process. Maybe Grita is right- I've either ruined her or perfected her! She maneuvers her small little body through the endless maze making her best effort to help Mommy "Keen Up!" She has disappeared on many occasions only to reappear with her pink leopard print broom in hand... Ruined or Perfect? Hard to say, huh?
I am trying to find order in all the chaos. However, I know that in just a few short weeks and the mess will reappear at the new house. Perhaps, I can find some calm and comfort in finding new homes for all our old things.

As for the present: Campbell and Alan are doing their best to help me cope with the tiny panic attacks I have daily. This rainy weekend, Campbell was stuck to her Daddy like glue. Mommy is O-U-T and Daddy is IN! You could see that he was just eating it up with a spoon, too!
Peace Out from Cedar Park!
Campbell's Mom


Peggy Rice said...

The big 4-0 you say! 8 months along you will be looking good! I wish we were going to be there for the big event, we will toast you from here (I'll toast twice, one for you!).

Grita said...

ARghhhh??? Are you a pirate? I can see the progress...but it would go much faster if you had some more help.:-) As for Campbell...she is PERFECT in practically every way...Happy packing! We will try and do our part from P-town!

Haylie said...

I second mom about the pirate comment. =] I don't know how to help you pack from down here. See you this weekend, since SUMMER WILL BE HERE! =]

Milo and Joey Good said...

wait- where are you moving to?