Thursday, May 21, 2009

Craig's List virgin no more

Yes, I've heard about Craig's List murders, rapes, robbers, and all the other goons out there. But, I've also heard lots of great things about unloading unwanted furniture on Craig's List. So this morning at 7a, I held my breath and crossed my fingers as I hit the POST button to advertise my dining room furniture for sale. I think I had a mini panic attack while I awaited my confirmation email.

In less than two hours I had a legitimate offer. By lunch I had cash in hand! By 8:00 this evening, the furniture is gone!! That is what I call a successful First Time!

I have to admit that as the buyer's people drove away, I had a tinge of a knot in my stomach and a tear in my eye. Not sure if it was due to the Jed Clampet style packing job or because seeing it go drove home the realization that we will soon be leaving this beautiful house. A house that has been very good to us! A house filled with love and happiness (and a female ghost).

I know the love and happiness will be the easiest things to move... but how do you pack a ghost?

Speaking of packing, better get back to it.
Peace out from Campbell's House!


Peggy Rice said...

You will be hooked now! A ghost? We need more stories. Also, I need some pictures of the new digs. Lastly, it was never uncommon for Brandon to come home and find me with a child on my boob and a glass of wine in hand! My kids are fine...well, kind of.

Colette said...

Life sounds crazy, we need to do lunch so you can fill me on the soon to be new Codina Casa. Let me know if you can do this week or next is out & I am slowly getting out of my depression of Jackson leaving preschool :)
Congrats on the craigs list success!