Monday, June 23, 2008

Big D

Alan's 20 year high school reunion loured us to Dallas last weekend. It was also Campbell's first trip to Big D for some one-on-one with the grandparents- Codina style. She is not the greatest car traveler (neither is her mother)... but once we arrived she was all smiles. I think she just about has Dio wrapped completely around her little finger!

Daddy O or "Dio" for short & Nana C


Ainzley's Mom said...

I think you might have meant lured...because the definition of loured is as follows
1 : to look sullen : frown
2 : to be or become dark, gloomy, and threatening (an overcast sky lowered over the village)

So I think it would be more appropriate to say that Grita and Hooterbox were loured at the fact that Campbell was in Dallas rather than P-Town.
love ya!

Colette said...

Leave it to the teacher to correct big it :) And do I even want to know why or if we are referring to your dad as "Hooterbox"? Those P-town girls have a knack for coming up w/ the nicknames...and pet names!