Monday, June 16, 2008

S.W.A.K. for my Grita

Let's see... we made it one year, two months, and five days without a noteworthy injury.

Unfortunately, it looks like Campbell inherited Alan's weak bones. She did not exactly "stick the landing" while dismounting from a bed this weekend (whose owner will remain nameless). It didn't seem to be more than a sore booty at the time- but when she still wasn't trying to walk this morning we knew something was up. I guess if you are a spazz God gives you strong bones. Maybe she is going to take after Alan in the coordination department after all.

Turns out she has a buckle fracture on her right tibia. Turns out I am going to be drinking a lot for the next four weeks.

You can already imagine the laundry list of things to obsess over that are racing through my mind.
1. How will I bathe her?
1a. Though my family loves to remind me that I did not bathe her for the first three weeks of her life, times have changed... and have you seen her coif of hair? Two days without a bath and she will look like a grease monkey!
2. How will I know when she puts something down it? Because you know she will...
3. How will I keep her cool while letting her enjoy the outdoor things she loves to do?
3a. See #1.
4. How and when will I stop crying about this?
5. How will she learn to walk dragging this cast around?
5a. See #4.
You're getting the general idea...

In the end, it will be fine, I know... in fact she seems fine right now. But the darn thing hasn't started to annoy her just yet. All in good time I am afraid.

Anyway, she is awesome and will figure out a way to work this into her highly fashionable lifestyle, I am sure. And yes, of course, it is pink.

Love to all... especially Grita!
Campbell's Mom

A kiss for my Grita


Me and Beasley

Maybe upside down works better


Peggy Rice said...

That makes my heart hurt! I am so sorry...give her a kiss from France. Poor Grita, I'm going to assume this was your bed? You need a kiss too. Love to all.

Mmm... Juice! said...

she was totally herself in class today- no worries.

it was funny when the knee of her cast landed on top a stacking ring- it was like she had super-human action, swinging that leg around!

i'm only wondering... splash day?

Colette said...

Oh my GOSH, I am so sorry to hear this!! Ok, time something like this happens I would like a phone call. (As much as I would like to check this blog daily, realistically the boys just won't allow such a thing :)and I wouldn't have wanted to read this a week from today! So sad, I have to say the cast is pretty darn cute though. One thing I have learned is kids are resilient and can surprise us when we least expect it, she's a tough cookie, I can see it in her eye (gets that from her mommy!) Hang in there and let me know if ya'll need anything!

Grand Aunt Sandy said...

Pobre sita! Looks like it hasn't caused her nearly as much pain as her Grita and her Momma. She's an amazing little girl. At least she didn't get a hunk of her hiney torn off by a coyote like my Gin. Ouch!!!!! Life in the country! Love ya's , Sandy

Nana C said...

Excuse me, but my boy does not have weak bones. Alan only had broken bones because he was an athlete! He incurred these broken limbs on the basketball court.
From my experiences with said child, just keep a hanger around so that you can fish out things that get stuck in there and to push a wash cloth down there to clean it. They get smelly.