Thursday, June 26, 2008

Snail mail and such

I am one of those people. I still love to get the mail and not just for the Us Weekly, either. Yes, our mail box is generally littered with bills and credit card solicitations. And, here in Austin the Sunday newspaper ads and fliers aren't actually IN the Sunday newspaper... Oh, no... they come in the mail on Wednesday (it is Austin, what do you expect?). But aside from all the junk mail, every now and then you will find a gem: a wedding invitation, a birthday card, a reminder from you dentist, a thank you note. But, every once in a blue moon the crowned jewel arrives: correspondence without cause. Isn't it just the best?

Well, since we've added the pink cast to our lives the amount of good mail has at least doubled. Grita and Hooterbox have been keeping the mail carriers quite busy! Our MailLady is surely wondering who or what a "Hooterbox" and a "Grita" are exactly and what precisely is so urgent that they continue to Priority Ship... If she only knew the treasures inside are just tiny reminders of the love of a grandmother and an auntie that can barely stand to be away from a precious little girl.New Haircut

Special Delivery

Campbell is really getting the hang of opening envelopes and even better at parcels. She still destroys the envelope and sometimes tries to eat the card... but I figure, if it is addressed to her what can I do? It is her mail.

Pink Cast Update:
We are closing in on the end of week #2 of 4. It is getting a little grungy but looks pretty good considering.
I've managed to keep all the Sharpies at bay but it is doubtful that we will make it through the weekend without a couple of autographs.
Bath time has turned into a full blown battle every night. Thank goodness for Target bags and red wine.

Much love,
Campbell's Mom


Grita said...

I love the new do..but love her more. We did our best to hide the grunge with a few signatures on the cast. Give her a kiss for me.

Haylie33 said...

Well go to google and type blogger templates and you can find some cool ones. You may have to download it but I didn't have too.
-Aunty H-