Monday, June 9, 2008

Virtual Refrigerator

Have I mentioned that Campbell has good genes? (In the fall she had really cute jeans, too.) She comes from creative people...

To name a few:
Her Grita is crafty. So are her Grand Sandy and her Aunty H.
Her Hooterbox is artsy (a bona fide art teacher).
Her Dee Dee is fartsy- that is to say, tootsy. She is a trombone-ista in the High School marching band.

Ladies and Gents, she might not be able to walk, and she might not be able to talk. But, the girl can do some art! We may have a little Picasso on our hands! Thanks to Ms. Irene for incorporating art into the every day lives of toddlers!

My refrigerator rocks! In case yours doesn't here is a little sampling of Campbell's recent work.

Campbell's Mom

"Butterfly blot" 5-27-08

"Kind of Blue" 5-2-08

"Purple in the Spring" 4-29-08

Untitled 5-22-08


Haylie33 said...

Very nice!!! Very Crafty!!! I love them all and yes, it's a rockin' fridge!!!
-Aunty H-

rita said...

I know she is very artsy...I have a couple of masterpieces on my frig as well....but I would rather have pictures of Campbell. :-)
Keep up the good work.

Grita said...

Well thanks for the shout out -
Campbells artwork kicks booty. I guess I will have to get my own blog now so I can show off some of Ainzley's newest ya,
Hooterbox (from Grita's acct)

Peggy Rice said...

I wish "crafty" ran in our family! I think Merlot runs in ours and Aidan is loving it!!! Jaylee not so much.