Monday, May 17, 2010

Face time

I was thinking that I should probably start a scrapbook for Stratton.  Don' you think?  I mean what if this handy little blog crashes??!  Holy you-know-what! 

If this blog crashes I am screwed.  Because, in spite of the fact that I never even made it to the one-year mark of Campbell's scrapbook (I think I made it to about 6 months) Stratton will always say he got the "second born" shaft. 

He will say that I love Campbell more.  He will say that there are like a million pictures of Campbell and like two of him.  He will tell his therapist that HE never had his birth officially announced on nice card stock paper- matte finish, not glossy.  And then he'll go on to say that if I had bothered to announce his birth through the old fashioned snail mail that I would have probably done it on the cheap and gone with glossy paper.  Then he'll tell his little tramp of a girlfriend that his mother loved him soooo much that she announced his birth to the world on the world wide freaking web!  And on Facebook???!!!??! How embarrassing, MOTHER!!!

I have no idea what to do about this little conundrum... I am thinking of grounding him for making me feel so pre-guilty. 

In the meantime, I thought the little stinker deserved some face time and not on Facebook.. and without his sister crowding the shot.  Maybe his therapist will give me a couple of brownie points in 20 years.
Please ignore the pink baby doll he is playing with... that is another therapy session all together.

Is this a profile, or what?
Maybe he'll have Michael Jordan style "ups" to go with the MJ tongue action

Peace and love from Leander!


Haylie said...

That's the cutest baby boy ever! Aunty H won't neglect you, EVER. Can't wait to see y'all this weekend.

Branalyn said...

I have a post automatically posting tomorrow that has a challenge for you! It would be fun to do about your kiddos instead of you...not that you wouldn't be a good subject...