Monday, May 10, 2010

I did it all for the nook e.....reader

Well, no thanks to Limp Bizkit.  All the love goes to my Precious Pie and my sweet kids. And, I totally luh-huv my new Nook Ereader.  I have to admit that I completely stressed out over what my first download should be.  But I finally made some choices, brewed a cup of tea, and promptly stuck my nose in my Nook! Great gift, Pie- GREAT gift!

Mother's Day #3 for me. First one as a mother of two.  It is true that you just can't imagine what it means to be a mother until you are one.  Stratton was feeling a little puny this weekend.  So we cuddled for about two hours on Sunday.  Just sitting on the sofa snuggling a sick baby.  A joy only a mother (ok, maybe a Grita) could love. These two rotten kids (three counting Opal) have brought such happiness and smiles into my life.

It is also true that we all should have given our mothers a break.  Who needs a break more than moms?  Eeks- I am scared to death when I think about what could be, might be, probably, most definitely IS in store for me in about 9 years.  I wish I would have been a nicer teenager.  Maybe I should just buy a vineyard- cut out the middle man.  I see a lot of wine in my future.

Thanks for a fabulous Mother's Day!
Peace out from Campbell and Stratton's mom!

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Ainzley's Mom said...

Hey...where's the one of Opes wiping out??? Haha. Great mothers day weekend ;)