Thursday, May 13, 2010

Grita guest poster

This email was too great not to share...
A little background:  Dayce is my youngest sister.  I mean this in the most loving way possible:  she is the BIGGEST BAND NERD ON THE PLANET!  She loves band.  Period.  She recently made 1st Assistance Drum Major.  She plays piano and rocks the trombone.  Yes, trombone- not clarinet or flute or even trumpet.  Trom-freaking-bone.  She has passed up many family events, outings, etc. in order to do BAND related things.  I am not talking about a rock band.  Not even a country band.  I am talking about the high school MARCHING BAND.  Oh, but there is more.  She is in Jazz Band.  She is in a Percussion group.  She plays the piano constantly at home. Taps on and with anything she can get her hands on.  And when all else fails, she will whistle.  (Did i mention that I HATE whistling?)  I am telling you, she IS THE band nerd of the century.  What's more is she relishes in the title.  Weirdo.  Talented weirdo.

Keep that in mind as you read the email I got from my mom tonight:

" Well here is something..........lightening knocked the electricity out at the band concert.  Dark and did I mention that Dayce was playing the electric she only got to play 3 songs.............she is absolutely devastated.  WTF?  Who cares? oh yeah Dayce..........Conversation as followed.  .......
DD:It was the last concert of the year,  boooo hooooooooooo
ME: I  guess you dont want any supper.
DD: I am never eating again.
Me: quit acting like that we were there and heard you play the trombone which I like better......
DD:I  DONT.I like the piano best.   I am hoo.......
ME: It is not like this is your last year last concert........
DD: I dont care. I probably wont even get to play on Sunday.
Me: YOu have another concert on Sunday?
DD: YES! I told you yesterday!
ME: Well sorry I did not remember....but we will be there whether lightening strikes again and knocks out the electric piano or not.  You know Lightening never strikes in the same place twice.

I love it!  Especially the boooo hoooo.  For some reason that just cracked me up.
Thanks for the laugh, Grita... er, I mean Dayce.  


Grita said...

Looks like a good swimming, going to the ranch, and all around lower maintenance do. I like it!

Paw Paw

Peggy Rice said...

Grita is the best! If there was only email back in the day and we could see what Grita was thinking about all of our drama:) I love that Grita got a band geek, said with much love, after all the drill team/boy drama of us.

Haylie said...
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Haylie said...